Wiki Instructions for Groups

Provided by ETL523 Subject Coordinator, Julie Lindsay

Getting started!

Here are some brief instructions to help groups access and use this collaborative wiki environment to complete Assignment 1.
  1. This wiki uses 'Projects' as an organising structure.
  2. Each team can be found via the Projects menu on the RH side.
  3. Please note everyone, once logged into the wiki, can edit and access ALL team pages, therefore it is important to make sure you only work on YOUR team pages at all times.
  4. Each team has ONE page as a starting template, see below. This template can be changed but you are asked to keep the header material from Theme through to Contributing Members.
  5. Each team must design their project and create additional pages as needed to assemble information in an attractive and readable format.

Watch this screencast carefully for further instructions and ideas. Yes, this video was made last year but the information is generic so there was no need to recreate it.