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Theme: Effective choices for stepping towards digital citizenship

Team: Wonder women

Topic: Digital citizenship in the curriculum

Approved Proposal:

“The ubiquitous and participatory nature of the information environment requires 21st century learners develop a digital citizenship which includes awareness, behaviours and skills for effectively connecting within a global environment. Guided by General Capabilities, this proposed module leads Stage 3 students through sequential steps for building digital citizenship equipping them to make informed choices. As they engage with content they learn to manage their digital footprint and social interactions, while developing understandings of key issues, including reputable sources, safety and privacy, copyright, equitable and ethical use and information literacy skills. This module results in students creating an authentic collaborative work for the school community highlighting digital citizenship.”

APPROVED - I like the focus on students creating something related to the topic for the school community

Contributing Wonder Women:


Janine McPherson

Primary School Teacher Librarian
Janine McPherson __janinesmac@gmail.com__

Katharine York
Primary School Teacher Librarian


Sandra Flower

Primary School Teacher Librarian

Megan Hollis
Primary School Teacher Librarian

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