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Theme: Digital citizenship in the curriculum
Team: 2.1
Topic: Making digital citizenship a habit of mind in the K-6 years
Approved Proposal:

In order for students to become active and informed citizens they must develop an awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens when they interact in the online world. In taking hold of these responsibilities, students lay a foundation for their own lifelong learning. The K-10 curriculum embeds this focus through its general capability expectations across all curriculum areas. It is essential that the skills become habits of mind in the K-6 years of learning. The aim of this K-6 digital resource is for students and teachers to build an understanding of their accountabilities in becoming active and informed digital citizens in the 21st century.

Contributing Members:
Sharlene Evans
Georgina Martin
Julie Treharne

Georgina Wood

Google Doc for collaboration:

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This wikispace was created with the understanding that it would be shared with other teachers in ETL523 Session 1
2017 . As we truly want digital citizenship to be a habit of mind to enable true life long learning, we hope that you will be able to make use of the resources that we have created and gathered.