SUB- Subtopics - so would we create an intro page then the following pages
  1. habits of learning / habits of mind – workflow Georgie Wood
  2. Safety and Privacy - Georgina
  3. Etiquette and cultural awareness - Julie Treharne
  4. Real world and Digital world footprint - Sharlene Evans

followed by links???
then a Reference/bibliography page note from online meeting about referencing:
"jo quinlan: Julie, how strict are you going to be with referencing? Do we need to reference every hyperlink?"

Julie said no, some have a reference page as an additional page @27mins

Showing where you got your information from

Hi lovely ladies,
I have finally made it onto our Wiki page. Very traumatic. I tried all day and thought I was doing it wrong. I finally after the 50th attempt, got an option to request joining the group. So, here I am!

Wow! Where do I start. Still trudging through all the readings and I missed the online meeting (can't believe it!), so have just listened to it and made some notes. Also have the pdf of the conversation which contained lots of Web 2.0 tool suggestions for our Digital Artifacts - Powtoon, Rawshorts for animation; SWAY; google classroom; Storify; glogster; Thinglink; voki; soundcloud; anamoto. I will begin to explore these options.
The main message was to try and use at least 2 original sources and embed them around say an iMovie?? Just as an example. Plenty of Digital Artefact examples on Twitter at #ETL523 (which I am still trying to work out how to use effectively!)

** I just tried to attach a widget about Habits of Mind from You Tube that was made using PowToon (so maybe an example of what we have to do???) No luck. Apparently I am supposed to be in Google Chrome, so I will try again another time. I'll just add the link

Regarding referencing (above), Julie added that we can include a 'Resources' page that shows links or places where to extend learning on our topic (no need to conform to APA) and a separate Reference list (to conform to APA - which she suggested would come mostly from our LM).

We also have to get stuck into our written component too (Part A) to make a Collaborative Content Development outline, that will cover our individual areas (sub-topics) that will then go together to contribute to an overall combined collaborative resource???? It is supposed to be 2000 words, so if we all prepare around 500 words each on our section and then bring them together in a cohesive format that looks good (Julie's suggestion from the online meeting) and shows interconnectedness, thoughtfulness, and consistency of format in its presentation.

Georgie are you going to actually refer to 'Habits of Mind'? As in or the (not sure which one?!?) or are you using it more as just a term, so that students have all their DC in their minds like a habitual reflex/knowledge/skill?
I am just asking so that if we all perhaps mention that at least once in our own bit, we can demonstrate connectedness through that ideal that we want our students to 'know' that being a good DC means all of these (points 2, 3 and 4).

Just all food for thought girls. I thought I was late coming to the Wiki (had a big assignment due 29th March, for another subject) so just had these ideas swimming around - especially after watching the online meeting recording and trying to keep up to date with the rest of the content.

So I am presuming this is our communication tool now? No more Google Docs??? I am happy to coordinate a meeting here or in person anytime.

Good luck team!!! We can do it!!!
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06/04/2017 6.10pm:
Just letting you know I am finding it hard to find specific information on "etiquette and cultural awareness". Yes there is info on online etiquette, and I think a general understanding of different cultures does need discussion. We are looking at a K-6 resource, so I don't think I can go too deep on cultural differences/expectations etc., I'm going to focus more on the "active and informed citizens" who need to develop "awareness of their responsibilities as global citizens when they interact on line".
When Julie suggested a more constructivist approach to substitute for "made aware", I am thinking that because this is a K-6 resource I might concentrate on 'active and informed global citizens' which will include etiquette and cultural awareness through activities??? as a more realistic 'subject' for a K-6 curriculum. This also might be easier for me to make my 'digital artefact' around!!!??? Have any of you started that???

Any thoughts??

I hope you girls are travelling well with your sub-topics.