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Theme: Digital Learning Environment


Topic: Impacts of DLE on student learning

Approved Proposal:

Area: Digital Learning Environment (group 1.2 proposal).
Sub-topic: ‘Impacts of DLE on student learning’

Digital learning environments (DLE) have influenced the educational system and impacted student learning significantly by increased use of digital technologies.
Our research will aim at exploring the influence of DLE in educational institutions and how it has changed the learning environment and pedagogical techniques. This proposal will be divided into following
  • What is the DLE in education? (Georgia)
  • Impacts of DLE on student learning (Shamyla)
  • What are the advantages of DLE in education? (Catherine)
  • What are the challenges of DLE in education? (Hayley)
The focus will be on how educators could utilize and implement strategies in 21st century DLE to assist student’s learning (K-12) and develop collaboration skills in students and teachers by making use of technological resources.

Contributing Members:

  • Hayley Phillips
  • Georgia Stewart,
  • Catherine Mills,
  • Shamyla Anjum