Theme: Digital Learning Environment


Topic: 4C’s development in DLE’s

Approved Proposal:

Positively Powerful: connected learning for senior students in the digital age
Positive expectations for interacting responsibly in digital learning environments (DLEs) are essential for developing connected, authentic learner identities and behaviours. Students in Years 10-12 are exposed to a wide range of applied and connected learning technologies.

This wiki will explore, construct and illustrate how positively powerful digital learner identities and behaviours are developed within DLEs, focusing on students and teachers becoming creatively confident, collaborative communicators who are equipped to respond to challenges within the DLE.

Through the use of varied educational artefacts, students and teachers will work to connect with each other and conceptualise their skill development as digital age learners.

APPROVED - excellent proposal - I like the idea of this being framed for both students and teachers - ambitious, and exciting.

Contributing Members: Sophie Adams, Emma Hanson, Nicole van Wyk, Danielle Purdy