students that was a bit different and finally it allowed the student to participate in another way of communication using gaming and animation.

Saw this on my fb stream just now

Okay, here is our planning page...based on our proposal, our 4 Cs are:
  • creativity
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • challenges
I've noticed we don't have critical thinking, although this could be an aspect of challenges, or it could be incorporated into each page. Thoughts?


Hi Sophie adding thoughts
1. Page layout
What do you think of the following
  • Hyperlinks allowing users to go previous page, next page and home Or buttonsbutton_home.png
I like the buttons

2. Page content
I am looking at this as a little information on each page with most of the pages being entertaining for the users. Full of interaction instead of pages of text no-one will read. At this point I was thinking this type of layout.


ISTE Standards: ??? I like this idea, i don't know if we need the others but it wouldn't hurt
Learn about: (statement)
Learn to: (statement)
Next lesson: (statement)

Info on page and learning activities/artifacts (not much info have learning actives cover most of the learning as we can only write 2000 words and we know this will go fast. At four pages its only 500 words a page).

Emma: I'm thinking some text is okay (particularly if we want this to be accessible for teachers too - having text will allow them to hypothetically take definitions etc direct from the wiki to use in the classroom. It'll also show that we've engaged with the readings. I was thinking we could have some text, an image/video/our artefact and then some kind of activity or relfection based on that. Then repeat with a slightly different aspect of the 4C the page is exploring, until all aspects we want to cover are covered/get to the 500 words per page.
Nicole: I think not much info is better. We need to use the skills we are teaching in the presentation e.g. collaboration has a collaborative task. Creativity a production/ presentation task, etc.
If we want the student to have a login then it needs to be geared at them with a bit extra for teachers embedded or attached.

Sophie: On your though Nicole did you see the page I added for teachers today. We could all use that or we could add little boxes with teachers tips on each of the pages. I think one page for teachers is the way to go.

Danielle: Hi - I hope I'm putting this in the right spot. I'm starting to schfitz about the design stuff and have been working on this in Canva. Tried to stick with the Bahama colour scheme. It's in canva so I'll share it with you all if you want to change colours. I thought the sunnies could be useful signposts throughout the Learning Module as well as a) connotation of proactive protection (keeping in line with our message of powerful positivity b) they look cool - every music festival I've been too has them wearing these c) the neighbours teenage kids liked this idea the best. (I personally thought #powerfullypositive pandas was much more exciting - but they said too much like primary. Sigh.). Anyway, rip into it with feedback. You should be able to click this link and it will open up in Canva.

I also thought that we should probably incorporate some form of similar activity (or places to view more examples) that has clear links to a table we can put on the last page so they can see the different aspects across the 4cs: this is pretty strong in the rubric.

Positively Powerful Learner Attributes
Skilled Collaborator
Confident Creator
Clear Communicator
Critical Thinker
I also thought we might need to put a learning intention and set of success criteria at the start and end pages - we use these all the time in teacher prof learning and student learning these days.
I'll do up a couple and paste in here tonight.

#confidentlycreative header (4).jpg