ISTE Standards:
1c, 1d, 2b, 3d, 4b, 4d, 6a, 6b, 6d, 7a and 7b.

Communication is a digital fluency skill necessary for student learning in the 21st century. In this section of the learning module we will look at;

  • How communication works
  • Types and styles of communication
  • Building Effective Communication.
  • Digital tools needed for communication
  • Considerations for communication when using digital technology

How communication works

Communication Types and Styles

From viewing the clip above you can see there are all different styles and ways to communicate. Humans communicate verbally (sound/talking) and non-verbally (actions). When working in a DLE you will be exposed to using a number of communication methods.


If you answered non-verbal communication to the question above then you would be correct. The game below was created in scratch. Gaming is an example of another non-verbal way to communicate. Play the game to discover other non-verbal examples and terms.


Made with Padlet

There are three basic types of communication styles these are passive, aggressive and assertive (Beattie, Girvan, Rayner, Rayner, & Bell, 2014, p. 66). Some sources also note a fourth style passive-aggressive (UK Violence Intervention and Prevention Center, n.d.). Of the communication styles it is assertive communication that will allow relationships of trust and cooperation to develop. Watch the following video as it introduces you to the three basic styles. To discover the style you usually use, complete the quiz.

Your communication styles quiz


Building Effective Communication

The jigsaw puzzle represents concepts form the writings by Bender (2005, p.5). In the book there are 10 strategies to building effective communication. Do the puzzle and see if you can identify them.

Communication Tools

There are so many tools to use for communication the list is endless and continues to grow. In this subsection we will take the opportunity to explore some of these tools. As you explore think about the tools. How, where, when and why would you used them?


Considerations for communication when using digital technology

Communication Scenarios

Select three (3) scenarios from the table and using everything you have learnt completing this module, create a solution for each and then add them to a sticky note in Lino. In your solution please indicate considerations when working and communicating. As well as what type tool/s would be best practice to use in the situation.
REMEMBER to add the scenario number to the top of your response so others know which scenario your answer refers to.


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